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Both martial arts are based on a Korean system. Taekwondo is an excellent well-rounded art that not only teaches practical self-defense but also provides great cardio and toning of the body, as well as clarity of the mind. Hapkido also uses kicks and strikes; however, more hand, wrist and joint manipulation is used in this art to control attackers.


Shorin Ryu is one of the earliest forms of Japanese martial arts. This art concentrates on direct hand and kicking techniques which are taught through traditional forms/kata. Once the empty hand techniques are learned, the student will be introduced to the weapons of Japanese martial arts.


This Filipino art primarily uses sticks and knives as a self-defense, but also employs empty hand techniques as well. You are taught armed and unarmed combat which makes this art very practical for real life situations.

Jhonya's club

This program is designed to provide martial arts to individuals with mental and physical challenges. We offer a safe and healthy environment in which sessions are adjusted according to the individual needs of participants. Our students learn basic martial arts and a variety of life skills, but most importantly, it’s fun!

Olympic Taekwondo

Go for it…yes, the Olympics! This is your first step to the GOLD MEDAL! Learn not only how to defend yourself, but also learn advanced high contact kicks and strikes for Olympic competition. Do the kicks that you see in the action movies and more!

F.I.S.T. (First Instincts Street Tactics)

First Instincts Street Tactics is designed to help individuals of all ages to improve their sense of awareness of their surroundings for self-defense and practical escape tactics.

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