FIST_logo_editsFirst Instinct Street FIST01-editedTechniques (F.I.S.T) is designed to help individuals of all ages develop self-defense proficiency without having to be a martial artist. Students are taught to suppress their natural reactive instincts, to have greater awareness of their surroundings and to react in ways that lower the immediate danger.

F.I.S.T. training teaches simple strikes that students can easily master. It also teaches students how to utilize various items as FIST02-editedweapons such as car keys or a common daily use ink pen. F.I.S.T. training is practical and places students in realistic, common attack situations such as entering a car or elevator, and teaches them how they may respond to a surprise attack.

This Self Defense course is designed to increase self defense proficiency for non-martial artists. The course stresses critical thinking about self-defense strategies. The average class will involve a period of FIST04-editedgetting acquainted, followed by instruction and discussion. This course is not based on physical ability and strength, but is based on mental strength and cognitive power. Self-defense techniques will be taught, demonstrated and practiced. By the end of each class the work conducted is reviewed and questions and concerns are addressed. In F.I.S.T, it is always hoped that students gain greater awareness of their surroundings and self-defense strategies that they may employ. The class typically begins with warm ups and conditioning that mimics the conditions of a fight or self-defense situation. Drills and instructional techniques are followed by controlled sparring which includes grappling and some striking techniques.