TAEK08-editedTaekwondo teaches more than just physical fighting skills. It is one of the most scientific and systematic Korean martial arts. Taekwondo is a discipline that teaches ways of improving our lives and our spirits by training our mind and body. It has gained an international reputation and is now a global sport which stands among the official games in the Olympics.

Students bow in and show proper respect to their instructors. Each class then begins with a brief period of meditation. TAEK01-editedDuring this time, students are challenged to clear their minds and focus on their breathing. Following meditation, students begin warm-up exercises which are followed by stretching. Once warmed up and ready to begin, skills learned in previous classes may be reviewed and students will participate in a number of kicking and punching drills. After previous skills are reinforced, new skills and techniques and forms may be addressed. Some of the skills covered in classes may include poomsae (prearranged patterns of movement/forms), self-defense techniques, or controlled sparring. TAEK06-editedClass generally concludes with a cool down period and a final few minutes of meditation before the students bow out.