The Jhonya’s Club Mission is to reach all children who are unable to achieve their individual potential because of mental, physical or financial limitation. To better serve themselves and others and in turn enrich their lives and the world.

Jhonya’s Club was conceptualized by Chief Master Dan Jackson who has been teaching the martial arts for over 35 years. His exceptional and unique talent for teaching children with various mental and physical challenges is truly original.

The program is both educational and entertaining for children and has consistently proven to be beneficial for treating the following disorders: Autism, OCD, ADHD, ADD, bipolar disorder, depression, conduct disorder, and others.

It works because the lessons are hidden in different and various games. Also, the classes are designed around your child’s specific needs. A typical class might be geared toward one goal but quickly change to another to accommodate an individual student’s needs. In turn, your child will be learning life skills through the martial arts.

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jhonya-group-1A TYPICAL CLASS
A typical Jhonya’s Club class greatly mirrors the average Taekwondo class; however, everything is done with special consideration for the myriad of challenges that Jhonya’s Club students are faced with. The class can be expected to move at a slower pace with greater periods of verbal instruction and dialogue with students. Students will still begin by bowing in, followed by a few minutes of meditation or quiet time. Warm-up exercises and stretching follow before any further instruction takes place. As class proceeds, previous skills are reviewed and some new skills and techniques and forms may be addressed. Some of the skills covered in classes may also include poomsae (forms) and self-defense with great consideration for individual differences in learning styles. Students may play some games and share lighter moments during classes as well. The class generally concludes with a cool down period and a jhonya-edited-02final few minutes of meditation before the students bow out and are given stars and rewards for their participation and effort.

“My son Jesse’s focus has greatly improved. The pride he feels when going is very evident. He loves showing off what he has learned. He now does his chores and helps around the house.”
– Sandra Swaney

“Mea has come a long way since she first started back in March. She has fun and looks forward to coming to class. Master Jackson’s expertise working with the children is undisputable and a valuable asset from which the kids greatly benefit. The staff is also very helpful and polite.”
– Anna Lewis

jhonya-edited-01“Alex really enjoys the class and is learning to socialize and communicate with her peers.”
– Marie Katigbak

“Jhonya’s Club allows my son, who is affected by autism, a means to explore a mental calm through physical activity and focus training. In addition the staff displays patience and dedication to the students.”
– Michael Coleman