KARATE01-editedKarate has its origin in Japan and traditionally emphasizes self-defense. Modern training utilizes psychological components for building proper attitude, fearlessness, virtue, perseverance, and leadership skills. Elements of Karate focus on physical exercise and competition. Instruction may include lessons on striking, punching, kicking, and open hand techniques.

KARATE06-editedStudents bow in and show proper respect to their instructors, each class begins with a brief period of meditation followed by a short warm-up period and then stretching. Stretching is important to get students ready for the exercises which are to follow and to help them gain greater flexibility. Students may work on punches, kicks, and blocking techniques. Some time may be spent in classes working on stances since a proper stance is important to have for balance and power. Self-defense techniques are also covered. As skills build with each class, there is usually an KARATE07-editedopportunity for review of previous skills. Finally, the class is concluded with a final show of respect when students bow out.